There are a number of reasons to study martial arts, anything from staying in shape, self defense or even mental well being. Anyone who has ever done any martial art knows,,,, IT CAN BE A GREAT STRESS RELIEF! 



   Doesn't matter what level of fitness you are at, go at your own pace and be proud of your improvement in a caring nonjudgmental environment. Regular pushups too hard do what you can then push from your knees your only goal is to get better than the week before, pushups too easy?..... Here have a sandbag :) 


   I know everyone is like if this happened I would just punch the...... But here are the facts: no one is as good a fighter as they think they are and no one knows what they would do until it happens to them. To be in a survival situation with 0 training, It would be like trying to fix your car with no tools, think of training as getting the tools you need and improving them. When I say TRAINING I don't mean Youtube videos by yourself on the week ends, this is not yoga or P90X. The only effective way to learn is to get with others and hit the pads throw each other around a little, do drills and actually HIT something and get the feel. There is a lot more to it than just throwing out your fist at someone. Learn to defend yourself and your loved ones.... Don't be a victim.



Stress Relief

    The stresses of work, school or even just life in general can wreak havoc on you overall health.  It is always better to start a work day fresh and new vs beat down from the day before and tired because you slept horribly. We have all had those nights where you mind just wont shut off thinking about work or that jerk that cut you off on your daily commute. Martial arts is one of the best ways I have found to blow off steam.  Over the years I have noticed the nights that I do martial arts I feel less stressed and sleep so much better, which in turn the next day I feel more rested and the prior days stress gone....

  While there are many Martial arts to choose from (and I have tried many) Kune-Tao is a well balanced well rounded system. It can provide the much needed stress relief from our daily grind, It has simple but effective fighting techniques and the workouts go at your pace. So I urge you if you do not choose us DO SOMETHING train somewhere, get the tools for survival, do an activity to erase your stress. I get it, sometimes it just not your thing, but if you have read this far.... Just give me your all for 3 months then decide. Just promise me whatever you decide you continue to better yourself, live healthy.. :)